Summary of Minutes of Cycleways’ meeting at the Fat Pug 12th July 2017

Peace festival Feedback/ideas.

As there were few attendees at this meeting it was decided that this item should be fully discussed at the next meeting.  However, we felt that it went well.  There was also some feedback by e-mail who suggested that we need to unify our branding for next year (logos and flag etc.), try to have some sort of promotional freebie to give out (something useful, but affordable).  Also having cycle maps for the surrounding towns (which we had) was useful as there were quite a lot of visitors from the wider area.


Cycle Forum Report Back from Last Meeting

The Cycle Forum was reported on last meeting.  There have been no further developments.


K2L Progress

There was no progress to report on this, other than the Cycle forum feedback that the section Leamington to the Bericote island was estimated to be £1.8m due to problems with land ownership.

Travel Plan/Membership Leaflet

  1. WCC have no plans to update their cycling map of the Leamington and Warwick. We assume they may do it when the new housing developments have been completed.
  2. We has knocked on a few doors in a newbuild area to hand out cycling maps and tell them to come to Cycleways with any problems they may have.


A46 Stoneleigh Junction

Went to the Stoneleigh exhibition on Tuesday 11th July and voiced concerns.  Made the point that the leaflet/exhibition stand states – one of the aims is “To improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists”.  I asked Adrian how the scheme on display would do this?   He eventually conceded that that it perhaps needed rewording.  He stated that there may be other solutions in other schemes so I made the point that they should not make such a claim in the exhibition.  I also pointed out that the colour leaflet they produced did not include photos of other road users – they are all car users (there is actually a bus in one of the photos) no cyclists or pedestrians.  He said they would refer this to their publishers but that ‘there were probably no other road users around at the time of the photo’.

Also made the point that some people did not know the exhibition was on.  I said this as I  initially went to the Stoneleigh Club House and a neighbour happened to come out and she stated that she knew nothing of the exhibition (or the road scheme) and thought it might be at the NAC.  The exhibition was round the corner at the Stoneleigh Village Hall

Also went to the same exhibition and expressed my disappointment at the minimal cycle provision shown.  The officers present acknowledged that it wasn’t good.  When asked if they had an open cheque they could put in really good cycle provision they said “yes”.  In which case it is obviously lack of thought/ambition that got them to the poor facilities shown.  They are spending £21m on this scheme so another half million or so would let them do something that would encourage cycling (which is both WCC and Government policy)



Cycle parking – we were meant to tell WCC where we thought more parking was needed.  We didn’t think this happened.  It was suggested that Regent Street, the Parade lower down needs more. Also, some covered cycle parking would be desirable to encourage commuters.

Twinning – A member is going to a medical based twinning event in France with Warwick’s twin town, Saumur. He suggested we could use our twin towns to either explore and encourage cycling facilities and use, get ideas and perhaps use visits here to shame our local authorities into doing more.  Will report back after his event.

Next Meeting: Fat Pug 7.30 p.m. 9th August 2017


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