Summary of Minutes of Cycleways’ meeting 9th August at the Fat Pug

Tachbrook Park Drive. Follow up from June meeting. The road will form part of a cycle route but due to its narrow width this will necessitate an off road shared path each side. However, the road has many side roads, mainly to industrial sites. Our concern is the need to make the crossing of such side roads feel “safe”. WCC record on the subject is not good. Will raise the issue at the next Cycle Forum meeting.

Cycle parking: At the last Cycle Forum meeting had asked for suggestions on sites. Ideas from members, lower part of Parade, north side of All Saints Church, more outside of Tesco (I believe that the current ones were installed by Tesco, but there is space to move them a bit closer), ensure that the new planned car park that will replace the Covent Garden one has good quality cycle parking, and with CCTV. Also cycle parking in Warwick Street alongside and under the canopy of the old Co-oP building. There is a need for more provision of under-cover parking. Worth re-looking at Warwick particularly under the Town Centre proposals.

A46 Stoneleigh junction proposals.

With the aid of his video cam pictures, took us through what it is like cycling across the bridge towards Gibbet Hill. With the good sight lines across junctions it is practical for the experienced and confident cyclists. Then we examined what WCC propose to do, which is to widen the bridge/build a new one alongside, to create space to provide a gyratory system to improve the flow of traffic, but with no provision for cyclists of pedestrians, in spite of saying so in their literature.

What should be provided is a separate cycle pedestrian bridge on the north side coupled with Toucan crossings to enable cyclists to return to the correct side of the road, depending on which direction that they are travelling. There is also the planned Kings Hill housing development on the NW side of the junction. That should provide considerable CIL monies.

After some discussion we agreed on a course of action. Would write up a summary  from which we will extract the key features to produce a briefing note to send out to Councillors. We shouldn’t overlook WCC’s own policy paper Healthy Travel in Warwickshire, in which the Transport, Planning and Communities Group are specifically mentioned as partners. As the Paper notes, “potential to improve the local economy across Warwickshire, as well as save millions of pounds for the economy by improving health and thus reducing associated health costs”. None of this is mentioned in the “benefits” of the scheme.

In addition to targeting Councillors, we should include John Linnane, Chief Medical officer for Warwickshire Public Health, and also Stoneleigh Parish Council. Stoneleigh is likely to see a big increase of traffic through its village. Suggested contacting the Chair of the PC.

Offered to put together a list of Councillors to target. Also consider sending to the Clerk to the County Council asking for the briefing note to be circulated to Councillors.

Also circulate the Briefing Note to our members, asking them to write to their Councillor.


Raised the issue of people cycling on the pavement in Bath Street. It was agreed that this was a law enforcement issue and suggested that, as a first step, should contact a local councillor for action.

Date of next Cycle Forum meeting 12th Sept.

Date of next Cycleways meeting 13th Sept.

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