Summary of Cycleways meeting at the Fat Pug 12th September 2018

Newsletter: Passed around draft copies of a Autumn Newsletter. It looks good, and includes the necessary details of the AGM

AGM  14th November: Current officers are happy to continue, other than Membership Secretary who announced that they would like to stand down as Membership Secretary due to other commitments.  All nominations should be received by 7th November.

It was agreed that we would try to get through the AGM quickly, and invite WCC planning officers, to give progress report on the Europa Way cycle route and the Warwick TC. Action – to invite Stephen and Margaret.

HS2 potential funding for K2L

Please find attached a copy of the letter that I wrote to Cllr Gifford. I thought that I had copied all you in, but I cannot find the copy e-mail, hence another copy to you all. Having received it, Cllr Gifford phoned me to confirm that he would be pursuing this with Cllr Geoff Clarke, the Portfolio Holder for transport, and with Mark Ryder the head of WCC transport and economic planning, I’ll keep you posted on any progress.

A46 Stonleigh roundabout:

On 30th I circulated to all of you a copy of a drawing from WCC showing Toucans for crossing the slip roads. However, no provision had been included for crossing Dalehouse lane at the roundabout at the foot of Gibbet Hill.

As will be seen from the drawing, the roundabout has flared or dual exit/entry roads, which are bad news for cyclists. So, I had another meeting with the WCC engineer for the scheme, to see what improvements were possible. Not a lot, because Dalehouse Lane will be 50 mph. A Toucan X would have to be installed some way along the road from the roundabout, and such a location would necessitate planning permission, making for unacceptable delays to the scheme, the whole project has to be completed within the next 2 years to meet HS2 needs.

The other item that I queried was the provision of the off road to on road transition, both for anyone wishing to head off along Dalehouse Lane, or for a cyclist heading up Gibbet Hill. What I was looking for was the protected type of transition as used at the Toucan X in Old Warwick Road, outside of the Vitsoe factory.

For Dalehouse Lane with its 50 mph, such an arrangement is not possible. For Gibbet Hill, engineer will see if a protected transition could be fitted in, failing that, cross hatched lines to “push” vehicles further out away from the cyclist joining the carriageway.

Conclusion:  WCC should at an early stage in the design/planning of a scheme take into account cyclists needs, a matter which I have taken up with Cllr Davies.

WDC car parking: outlined the e-mail received from WDC, and will respond appropriately.

Air Quality and Planning: WDC have sent to Cycleways a draft copy of their proposed plan, Air Quality and Planning, for comment. As pointed out, it may be full of fine words but it lacks specific targets and measures to hold developers accountable. Before our next meeting I’ll talk to Dave Barber, head of WDC planning to see how the proposal could be considerably be tightened. If I can sort something out sooner, I’ll let you know.

AOB Please note that Kristie Naomi, WDC Cllr, is coming to our next meeting.

Date of next meeting 10th October



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