New Bicycle Mayor for Warwick District

New Bicycle Mayor for Warwick District

Simon Storey, founder of the award-winning ‘The Bicycle Bus’ and Cycle Infinity CIC, joins a growing global network of volunteer changemakers representing 137 cities in over 30 countries as the Bicycle Mayor of Warwick District.
Bicycle Mayors are independent and work with government, industry, activists, and residents to uncover the economic, societal, health, and environmental benefits that increased cycling can bring. Bicycle Mayors are selected for two years during which they focus on addressing the main barriers to increasing cycling in their areas.

The focus areas of the new Bicycle Mayor for Warwick District will be to be the voice of the common cyclist, helping to shape change with infrastructure, safety, accessibility and ultimately normalise cycling as a form of transport for everyone.

The role of Bicycle Mayor was inaugurated in 2016 by BYCS, an Amsterdam-based social enterprise, to break silos between government and civil society when promoting cycling for transportation and amplify the voices of community leaders in this effort. As interest in the position grew, a network was born in order to encourage collaboration, transnational solidarity, and to share common challenges & solutions on a global scale.

As part of the network, Bicycle Mayors receive resources and training as well as opportunities to learn from and collaborate with other Bicycle Mayors. The network itself combines the voices, experiences, and efforts of the Bicycle Mayors to advocate for progress in cycling at a global level including calls-to-action to international organizations.

BYCS works internationally with civil society, governments, nonprofits and businesses to initiate and scale breakthrough ideas around cycling. In particular, the organization focuses on strengthening the “human infrastructure” of cycling cities by supporting community initiatives, developing a culture of active transportation and inspiring new citizens to take up the bicycle for daily trips.

For more information, visit the BYCS website.

Simon brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and eagerness for change and is really looking forward to working closely with council officials, campaign groups, all cyclists and the wider community to change Warwick District for the better.

Cycleways would like to congratulate Simon on his appointment as the district’s first Bicycle Mayor and we look forward to working with you.

Simon can be contacted by email at