Minutes of the meeting of Cycleways at the Fat Pug 10th January 2018

NW Warwick cycle route. One option is to by-pass the narrow section of Hampton Street, where it passes the Racecourse stand. This could be done by using the existing public footpath that runs inside the grandstand enclosure. Offered to write to the Racecourse to seek their written confirmation that they would be happy with this arrangement.

Kenilworth Community in Action meeting 10th Feb. Will ask if we could attend.

WCC spend of £0.88p per head. Need for our members to ask their County Councillor how much is allocated to be spent on cycling. Will circulate details. It was also felt that this is the sort of item that should come from cyclists across the county. For future reference it would be useful to have the contact details of cycle groups across the countyTo contact Shakespokes, etc. Offered to get an article in the Courier.

County Councillors, Discretionary Fund for minor highway improvements. To circulate details to our members.

Cllr Gifford suggested that for a project such as cycle route marking across Leamington, there could be shared support from himself, Cllrs Davies, Chilvers and Weston. Useful to follow TfLs work in London. When a draft plan of routes is ready, it would be useful to bring it to a Cycleways meeting to check through it.

 K2L and HS2 – Cllr Gifford has had preliminary discussions with county council cycling officer who confirmed that they were checking on the land ownership where the route of K2L is planned. Also they feel it would be best to apply for funding in 3 stages, because of the overall cost. It is worth noting that if WCC or WDC applied for the funds they would have to find 20% of the total cost. Whereas, if a community group applied they could get 100% contribution. That raises the interesting idea of Cycleways applying for the funds and employing its own consulting engineers to build K2L. Food for thought, discuss at our next meeting. Also there are 2 funds from HS2, could double check which one K2L is eligible to.

Newsletter – WDC Councillor Andrew Thompson has sent in his article on air pollution, to do Chairman’s comments, aim to send out end of this month.

Membership cards Agreed to post them out with a welcoming letter.

Cycling UK we all agreed on the renewal of membership for £75.

Eco Day date set for 29th April

Date of Next Meeting 14th February.




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