Minutes of the Cycleways meeting 9th October 2019

Warwick District Cycle Forum, reported back from the meeting 8th Oct:

The road safety part of WCC highways has put forward two cycle schemes:

Stratford Road, the existing cycle path is along the south side. This is to be extended eastwards by crossing over at the existing crossing point, adjacent to the school, then a new length of shared path to Shakespeare Avenue. Turn into Shakespeare Avenue onto a new off road path through to the existing cycle path that runs along the south side of the Hampton Road.

All present agreed that this was a welcome addition, as well as improving this section of the Sustrans route 41.

Coventry Road. A shared use path, from the canal bridge on the west side of the Coventry Road. Whilst the engineers have made a modest improvement to the side road crossing of Guys Park Road, it leads to the Warwick hospital, there is still a double exit to cross on the north arm of this side road. Both this one and the in- bound road, to the south, could be much improved both for cyclists and pedestrians, by measures to slow traffic, such as the use of a flat topped hump across the crossings. Also, is it possible to “bend” the cycle path in 5m at these crossings to enable them to be given priority?

Access to the Woodloes roundabout would be via the canal path then via Townsend Close – Phillips Road – Huddison Close.

At the southern end of the shared use path down the Coventry Road, the entrance to Lakin Road has been narrowed, plus a crossing refuge.

Overall we all felt that there was further room for improvement on this scheme. WCC answer is a tight budget, but flat to humps are relatively cheap and work.

All of those present felt that the Stratford Road scheme should be started first. Action- to report back to WCC our thoughts on the Coventry Road scheme.

K2L Highways are evaluating the funding sources at the moment, hopefully approved by the Transport and Planning committee in November to go for full approval at the Cabinet meeting in December.

Petition – outlined what is proposed for the presentation to the Cabinet, Shire Hall, at 10.00 am, next Tuesday 15th. Total number of signatures now stands at 3043. The Pro-Vice Chancellor of Warwick University has also written to WCC expressing strong support for K2L. Will circulate the text of her presentation to our members.  Will contact the West Midlands radio for a slot.


Emscote Road – no news at the moment, will follow up with WCC transport planner.

The Cycle Network Development Plan seems to have been kicked into the long grass.

Signs– should be completed by the end of this financial year.

Gaydon route – via Harbury Lane, no money

N Leamington/ Cubbington cycle route. Will try to get this back on the transport planners list, suggest involve Cllrs Boad /Davies.

Safer Routes to Schools scheme- no mention of it these days

At the Forum meeting, Cllr John Holland thought that it would be useful if someone from WDC planning could attend the Forum meeting as this could help to ensure closer thinking on cycle issues, we thought that such an arrangement was in place some years ago. Will talk to some of the WDC councillors about the idea.

Other matters:

Cycling UK, renewal of membership at £80 pa, everyone agreed to renewal, it also provides for 3rd part insurance at events.

AGM 13th November. Confirmed that the Newsletter will be sent out by 18th Oct and will include details of the Election of Officers for 2019-2020, and for the opportunity for nominations to be made, if required. Any proposal must be supported by a seconder. The Newsletter will include a draft set of accounts for the current year.

Cycleways web site. Experience has shown that other cycle groups seem unaware of Cycleways, nor many of the public. With the growing renewal of interest in cycling there seems to be a place for the web site to include the role of the WD Cycle Forum and for the means for the public to log in to highlight an issue.

The fact that the Cycle Network Development Plan has been kicked into the long grass highlights a gap in planning for the public’s requirements for cycle routes. Will discuss as to what could be done.

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