Minutes of Cycleways’ meeting 13th December 2017

Items carried forward from the previous meeting 8th November:

A46 Stoneleigh roundabout- The project engineer confirmed that plan for the junction with signal access for NMUs (Non-Motorised Users) still stands, they are unable to make a signal junction of the Gibbet Hill/Dalehouse Lane junction work, i.e. handling peak traffic flows. However, they have gone to an external specialist on NMUs for a second opinion.

Air Quality Report – ongoing discussions between Councillor Andrew Thompson, Conservative WDC, who is on the relevant committee responsible for this. Should be able to report back at our next meeting.

Samur Way,- Discussed the road from the estate cutting across the Myton cycle path with the head from Myton School. His view was that a high quality route should be maintained. Yet another minor road crossing a cycle path. Suggest that we include this item at the next Cycle Forum meeting.

NW Warwick Cycle Route. A good presentation with the large screen.

The scheme should start with a Toucan X to access the route from the Stratford Rd , then where Hampton Street runs in front of the Racecourse, the route should turn into the course and run along in front of the paddock in front of the grandstand re -emerging into the car park in front of Hill Close Gardens. This route is already a right of way for pedestrians and there is adequate room for cyclists. A new access gate is required at the beginning of the route. Action: To write to the Racecourse to get their confirmation of agreement, copy letters to Cllr John Holland.

Kenilworth Community in Action are holding a community meeting 10th Feb 2018, asked if anyone from Cycleways would like to attend.

e-mail from County councillor Jonathan Chilvers asking if we could get our members to write to their respective Conservative County Councillor, will put a list of the councillors out on google-groups.

Councillor Nicola Davies

Following the recent announcement that HS2 Ltd had made a grant of £8m to WCC for community related projects, we had asked Nicola to see if K2L was on the agenda. Nicola had spoken to chief officer in Highways, but little seems to have been seriously considered yet. Suggestion that Warwick Unv should be on board as well.

Nicola then went on to explain the £36000 discretionary small capital projects fund, aimed at road safety improvements. Projects should cost more than £4000, but funds can be rolled over from one year to the next, April 1st – March 31st, thus there is some flexibility.

Nicola will send me a copy of her divisional area, ward, to forward onto our members.

A useful pot of money for modest cycle projects.

Cycle Parking

Ideas put forward where parking stands for bikes should be, for example at the Newbold Common Leisure Centre. Also useful to hear from the Cycle Forum what is planned.

Christmas Quiz – Not held due to lack of time.

Date of next meeting: 10th January 2018











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