Cycleways response to Warwickshire County Councils Consultation

Cycleways response to Warwickshire County Councils Consultation

Warwickshire County Council’s consultation on improvements for walking and cycling routes closed on the 9th July. Cycleways response is reproduced below and proposes a Visionary Cycle Network for Warwick District.

Cycleways, in conjunction with Clean Air for Leamington Spa and Clean Air Warwick, have launched their Visionary Cycle Network for Warwick District. You can find out more on our Facebook Page here  In the short time since our launch on 2nd July we have already gained 189 supporters through social media and many more through discussions both within and outside our memberships. 

Whilst many of our members have taken part in your consultation exercise identifying specific locations for walking and cycling improvements, it is clear to us that there would be much more benefit in the longer term from a network-wide approach to planning infrastructure improvements. Then each scheme and improvement can be considered within the context of a much more ambitious plan. What we have presented here is a basis for that plan and we hope that it will assist you in considering options for responding to community aspirations and government policy objectives for active travel. All of our materials are presented under Creative Commons licencing for your use without restriction. 

Our aims through producing this Visionary Cycle Network for Warwick District are as follows: 

  • To promote a network that can compete with other transport modes for attention and funding, particularly in the view of the DfT’s recent announcements on cycle infrastructure funding and the need for it to be transformational (note: over the last 7 days we have featured in several local media sources including the Leamington Observer and BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio demonstrating clear interest in the plans) 
  • To develop a network that supports government policy objectives and helps to meet the commitments around climate emergencies, sustainable travel and air quality 
  • To consolidate and highlight wide-ranging public and organisational support for transformative cycle infrastructure, originating in the community 
  • To increase the visibility and awareness of existing infrastructure by promoting opportunities for additional wayfinding and route identity, based on the principals of LTN 1/20 
  • To benefit from the skills and knowledge within the large membership of all three groups to help WCC in the preparation and delivery of their plans and strategies 
  • To provide a structure for Cycleway’s ongoing engagement with WCC and developers, working towards a shared vision 

We propose that the Visionary Cycle Network for Warwick District is put forward for early implementation as a showcase scheme that could then be rolled out across Warwickshire based on its success. In the meantime, we offer our full assistance in the development and implementation of your plans for safer, more attractive and comprehensive cycle infrastructure. 

Yours faithfully, 

Cycleways, Clean Air Warwick and Clean Air for Leamington Spa