Cycleways meeting at the Fat Pug 9th May 2018


Eco Fun Day. – Better to have a longer ride for 2019, an evaluation meeting next Tuesday. John Atkins felt the time was well spent.

Cycle Forum:

The Cycle Forum has shrunk considerably in numbers, at this last meeting there was only us, Cllr Bill Gifford and WCC.

It would seem sensible for WCC to contact organisations such as the Warwick Tech Park, and others, to create a more representative membership.

Cycling on the pavement– Will do a press release showing cycle routes.

Warwick Hampton Street link. – WCC will extend the existing cycle route to the gate to the Racecourse, and sign the route. Cllr John Holland should follow this up with WCC, as the local councillor.

Warwick Ansell Way – Needs to e-mail with the Network Rail contact Chris to write to manager of the Midland region of Sustrans.

Warwick to Warwick Parkway station cycle route via the Budbrook estate. WCC required to get permission from Highways England, owners of the land that the A46 passes over. Action, to raise with at the next Cycle Forum meeting. Also, mention was made that Kier run the A46 partnership, needs further explanation, please.

K2L drawings of the proposed route should be available at the next CF (Cycle Forum) meeting.

Crossing of side roads – to be dealt with at the next CF meeting

Cycle signage – Cllr Gifford to get costs for routes in the north Leamington area, from WCC.

Cycle Parking – will follow up at the next CF meeting

Myton Road cycle route should be completed this summer.

Priory Road – no satisfactory explanation given for what has been done.

Leamington station underpass should be opened sometime this month.

The motion passed by WCC Cabinet in March that the Task and Finish group should consider a budget for cycling. The minutes of this meeting should be on the WCC web page. Will contact Jenny Fradgly, Lib Dem councillor for Stratford.

JLR Gaydon – Under a section 106 agreement, JLR are discussing with WCC the potential of a cycle route from Gaydon to Leamington Spa.

Peace Festival 16/17th June – Main areas of focus will be clean air and Cycle routes, with the WCC..

Newsletter, for the Peace Festival, will be a paper copy, will run off 80 copies, price £12 per 100. Need articles and a copy of a photograph of last year’s festival. Also needed are membership application forms.


Raised a number of concerns about Sustrans failure to communicate with its members, and the lack of maintenance on particular cycle routes. A draft letter from Cycleways to the Sustrans Chief Exec was passed round, with the agreement for it to be sent.

Cycle training. – Have put together a training programme for Lillington School, and carried out by a recognised contractor. £1000 ex VAT, with Lillington School reclaiming the VAT. Cycleways pays Lillington School direct, but will require a copy of the contactor’s invoice.

Date of the next Cycle Forum meeting 10th July

Date of next Cycelways meeting 13th June.




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