Cycleways’ meeting at the Fat Pug 11th December 2019 Minutes


An over- riding feeling from everyone was that the details of the route should be available at a public meeting, such as one week at each of the libraries in Leamington and Kenilworth, but this needs to come from our councillors since this is who highways are accountable to. It is evident from the Report to WCC for next Tuesday’s meeting, that there is still further design work to be done, see 1.11, but it would still be prudent for the outline of the route to be commented on by the public. Suggest that we raise this at the next Cycle Forum meeting in January, along with Cllr Bill Gifford, who has shown keen interest and support for the past couple of years.

New web site

Following on from the good K2L web site, asked designer about something similar for a new Cycleways site, and read out her ideas. Using a WIX platform, the cost would be £1800, with around £200 pa to run it, but quite what is included in the last item needs further clarification. Discussions followed on the idea of Crowd funding for the cost, but no action decided, will also put together an application to the North Leamington Community Fund for a grant.

Mass Ride

Starting at 11.00 Saturday, 14th, Pump Room Gardens

Coventry Road cycle route

Highlighted that the proposed route didn’t take into account Nelson Lane, coming in from the east. Also a number of members highlighted the lack of pavement width over the canal bridge. A professional transport planner offered to have a look at the whole scheme, working to the drawings supplied by WCC.

Increase membership fee to £10

This was proposed at the AGM but there was then no time for discussion, which was now available at tonight’s meeting. All agreed to the £10, but felt that more emphasis should be made on the benefits of the 10% discount available on goods from the listed bike shops.

Ring fenced account for Kenilworth

Andrew Milton, WDC councillor and Kenilworth TC, had contacted us as to whether the Cycleways’ account could be used as a recipient of any grant funds which could then be drawn upon for Kenilworth projects. We had no problem with this, and the discussion then moved on to the existing ring fenced sum of £783 for Kenilworth and the £280 for Leamington, left over from a training grant received from WCC/WDC nine years ago.

For the Leamington sum, put forward a suggestion that it could be used to assist a project at Brookhurst School, no problem in principle but suggest that a proposal is put to our next meeting

Sydenham cycle path,

Pictures brought up on the large screen that illustrated the overkill on metal barriers. As was pointed out, a similar, but much longer path between Queeensway and the Tachbrook Park Road has worked well without such barriers since it was built some years ago, will bring this item to the Cycle Forum meeting next January.


Warwick Racecourse. The wide path that is used by pedestrians and horses, when races are being held, has been made available to be used as a cycle by-pass as an alternative to the narrow section of the Hampton Road. However, a new safety audit engineer has deemed this arrangement to be unsafe. Will raise this matter through the Cycle Forum.

Date of next meeting: 8th January 2020

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