Cycleways meeting 5th June 2019, at the Royal Pug, Leamington Spa

The purpose of the meeting was to put together ideas to launch the K2L campaign, and to review our plans for the Peace Festival, 15th & 16th June.

K2L launch plans

K2L coordinator.

Agreed to take on the job.

Web site – Currently there is already a K2L [site] set up some years ago, and linked into the Cycleways site [no, there isn’t.  At least there is no website.  There was at, but that’s long gone.  Someone has the domain, but no idea who that is]. Will set up a new site also linked into Cycleways.

Petition to WCC

The petition will be both an on-line and paper copy.

With the first draft, plus ideas from others, it has now circulated on Cycleways for final comment. Aim to have a paper copy available for the Peace Festival.

Also to note, that the new leader of WDC, Andrew Day, has already declared an aim of making Warwick District carbon neutral.

Peace Festival – Focus on K2L and the petition

Reviewed the equipment, 2 tables, 2 display boards for the laminated maps of Kenilworth, Warwick/Leamington Spa,  will put together a list of councillors web addresses,(useful for visitors to e-mail),  also, Seek MP Matt Western’s support.

Also at the Peace Festival, aim to recruit new members.

Date of next meeting: There is no meeting on 12th, instead it will be on Friday 14th June, 19.30 at the Fat Pug, to design the Warwick to Leamington cycle route.


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