Cycleways’ meeting 14th August 2019, at the Fat Pug

Review of K2L campaign

To date we have 1430 signatures, and the person who runs the K2L web page will post a reminder to all our members to ensure that they have signed up.

Showed the range of advertising material that we now have, leaflet, stickers, “luggage label” to hang on other bikes, etc. Some of the significant employers adjacent to the route, such as the Nuffield Hospital and other firms were highlighted.

Emscote Road

Met with WCC transport planner dealing with this project, to explain our plan of cycle lanes 1.8m wide segregated from the traffic lane by a kerb, a favourable response. Since then, Tony has had further ideas on the section from St Johns to the light controlled crossing adjacent to Coten End school. Instead of a on road cycle lane each way, a 2-way shared use path could be created on the N side of the road which would align and lead to the proposed shared use path leading to Priory Road. Will send a copy of our plan.

Social Media. Currently we have 242 followers on facebook

Hampton Magna – Prior to this meeting had sent out a note that explained the background to the problem. It was agreed that we would do nothing further until the outcome of the WCC Cabinet meeting 12th Sept.

Warwick District Cycle Forum

Some 15 years ago, from a Government directive, WCC established Cycle Forums for Warwick District, Rugby, Nuneaton and Stratford District, as a means of providing a dialogue mechanism with community groups, one of our members is the Chair of the Warwick District Forum.

For a long time, Cycleways has been the principle member of the Forum, but now with the Kenilworth group, KATG, involved and a desire to widen the membership, there is the need for stronger communications. The Forum meets 3x a year on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, before a Cycleways’ meeting, which on the 2nd Wednesday, along with KATG’s meetings. Ideally, it would be better to have the Forum meeting after rather than before our meetings to enable items to be included on the Forum agenda, enabling us to publish an agenda that reflected on current issues.

The other important point is for minutes of the Forum meeting to be published and circulated, particularly since we would like to widen the membership of the Forum to firms within the Warwick District.


The next Newsletter should be published around the 3rd week of September, and contain details of the AGM to be held at the November meeting on the 13th. We should also think about the outcome of the WCC Cabinet meeting 12th Sept, for either positive or negative decision on K2L.

Councillors Discretionary Funds

County Councillors each have an annual £35,000 a year fund that can be used for local safety improvement schemes, currently Cllr Gifford and Davies are funding cycle route signs. We should think ahead for other small projects, at one of our meetings.

Date of next meeting: 11th September 2019


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