Cycleways’ meeting 13th February 2019, at the Fat Pug

Warwick to Leamington cycle route via the Emscote Road

Highlighting the widths of cycle lane, 1-way or 2-way, with discussions from the members of whether kerb protection was possible, as in a London Super Highway. Other specific problem areas were identified:

The Tesco junction

To reallocate one of the west bound traffic lanes to provide road space for a west and east bound cycle lane. East bound, to move the traffic lights away from the brow of the hill, and to provide a cycle phase to give the cyclist a head start. Coming out of Tesco, is it possible to provide a cycle lane when turning right, to Warwick?

St Johns

It was felt that a shared use path could be created on the north side of the Coventry Road lane to give access to and from Priory Rd, Also for east bound cyclists coming from Smith St or Priory Rd heading towards at St Johns, a cycle lane between the Coventry Rd and east bound traffic lanes. 20 mph

Rugby Road junction

East bound traffic will all pass through the traffic lights. For cyclists, on leaving the bridge, the cycle lane will leave the road and become a cycle path to the traffic lights, for cyclists heading towards Leamington College. For cyclists heading to the Rugby Road, a cycle path will connect to it.

Wharf Street junction– There is a need to make this junction area much more cycle, and pedestrian, friendly.

K2L – WCC have allocated £2m for cycle routes in the capital spending budget. Alix to ask her County Councillor about K2L funding.

HSBC – The following motion was passed unanimously:

Our Treasure to access the Warwick District Cycleways’ HSBC account online, but not to have the facility to issue any payments on line. They can make payments using the account’s cheque book with cheques counter signed.

Peace Festival – Google map of Leamington and Warwick, to get laminated.

Aim to have for display the Emscote Road proposal, plus the K2L proposed route.

Useful to have Cycleways logo stickers for bikes, also enquire about nameplates for public events.

Kenilworth cycle ride. It was agreed that we would support such an event, but will check our insurance cover.

Social Media – Peak time is lunch time and we need to ensure regular postings. Recommended that we should supply a template plus link to WCC .

Warwick District Cycle Forum 15th Jan. – Cllrs Holland and Gifford attended.

  • Hampton Street/Racecourse, awaiting security fencing, being provided by the Racecourse. Also the need to provide signage for people to use this route, particularly school children.
  • Warwick Parkway link under the A46. Lisa has applied to Highways England for permission for the footpath to be widened to provide for a shared use path.
  • Finger post Cycle signs hve been designed, and will be installed in the next financial year.
  • JLR Gaydon to Leamington cycle route. Sustrans are currently surveying it.

Eco- Fest May 5th 10.00 -16.00. The event is organised by WDC and coincides with the official opening of the Band Stand in the Pump Room Gardens

It was agreed that we would take a stand, cost £30. Provide an activity, smoothie maker and/or a cycle ride, if the latter, start at the traffic lights at the Wills Rd/Newbold Terrace junction.

Who from Cycleways is organising our involvement in the Eco-Fest?

Date of next meeting March 13th.

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