Cycleways’ meeting 11th March 2020 at the Fat Pug Minutes

Eco-Fest Pump Room Gardens 31st May,

Will go ahead and purchase a new Gazebo, blue being the preferred colour. Insurance cover note in a couple of weeks, and have booked the stall.

Web site

Will convene a meeting of the group to agree on how we run the site.

Leamington Town Assembly 6th April, Clean air for Leamington

Open to those who live in Leamington, ticket can be obtained through Eventbrite, sent out separately to all members. The event will be an opportunity to draw up cycle routes across the town

WDC Climate Change Emergency Action Plan

The Plan sets a target of WDC achieving net zero emissions by 2025, and the District as a whole, by 2030. Since road transport is the largest contributor of CCGs, WDC will formally ask to work with it to develop a sustainable transport strategy urgently and to resource it appropriately. This represents a significant step forward and does provide a means of holding WCC to account for how transport monies are allocated. In this respect, WDC will also instigate a Local Plan Review putting mitigation/prevention of the effects of climate change at its heart.

Cycle maintenance course

Will circulate the details of a bike maintenance workshop with Giant in Leamington, plan is an evening workshop with up to 8 people, charge £5 per person.

Coventry Road, Warwick, cycle route

The original proposal for a shared path route had created concerns from a wide range of members, so a member who is a transport planner, offered to discuss with WCC how these concerns could be met. From this some improvements are possible which they will circulate to us. Once again, the debate on the adequacy of cycle provision came up at the meeting. The problem with the Coventry Road scheme is that it will be funded from a road safety budget, which is limited. As someone highlighted, WCC only allocate 88p per head for cycling, the recommended level nationally should be £10 per head.

This important point should come up in WDC’s Climate Change Action Plan, where they have made a specific link to monies from new developments to be used to achieve the Council’s carbon neutral target across the District by 2030.

On a related, but separate issue, a WDC councillor explained the Council’s proposal to raise additional revenue, for the Climate Emergency Plan through a levy on the Council Tax. Such a proposal has to be approved by the public through a Referendum, to be held on 7th May.

On 17th March the WCC Cabinet will discuss a motion that all transport planning should be halted and reviewed.

Also highlighted that a recent consultation in Kenilworth had found 88% in favour of a cycle route through Abbey Fields.

Social Media and Networking

Attended a talk at the Spa Centre on funding sources with Severn Trent and CAVA as potential sources. WDC see the forthcoming Commonwealth Games as a good opportunity to raise the profile of an active life style.


At the February meeting we were joined by the Cycling Mayor of Coventry. They had highlighted a cycling schools project in Kenilworth and the subject of funding came up. Subsequently we wrote to a Kenilworth Town and WDC councillor, confirming that Cycleways had a balance of £783 from a ring fenced WDC cycle training grant for Kenilworth.


Mention was made that from time to time Sustrans have monies remaining from projects which could be made over if a project in our area was waiting to go.

Warwick District Cycle Forum, gave a brief outline of the event, and will circulate to members an up dated note on it, where and when it meets, next meeting is the 31st March.

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