Cycleways meeting 10th July 2019, at the Fat Pug

Peace Festival – A fairly good event for Cycleways, with many visitors, over 500 signed up to the K2L petition. The new display material looked good, and many thanks to those who helped out over the 2 day event.

Cycle Forum meeting 9/7/19

Cycling Development plan is being replaced by a cycling and walking infrastructure plan.

Cycling on the pavement. It is accepted that little can be done to stop it, but it would be prudent for cyclists to check their insurance, in case of an accident.

Europa Way, does have a dedicated cycle route

Cycle signage is progressing, being funded out of Cllr Gifford and Cllr Davies discretionary safety budgets.

Cycle crossing of side roads – no definitive progress on this

Gaydon  – Leamington cycle route adjacent to Harbury Lane. WCC employed Sustrans to carry out a feasibility study, funded by JLR, but no funds to build the route.

Kenilworth – Common Lane. Raised concerns about the lack of time for cyclists at the newly installed traffic lights by the rail bridge,

The planned new school for Kenilworth needs some thought given to provide access by bikes.

Stanks Island – work due to start in the Autumn, complete in Feb 2020.

Stratford Road – WCC Safety team looking at a route to join up to the Hampton Road route.

Warwick- Coventry Road, the plan is to provide a shared use path on the western side of the road, it has quite a wide pavement, but the section between the rail- bridge and St Johns is a problem.

The Safer Routes to School programme is still in existence.

Sustrans are putting in a bid to HS2 for the funds for a bridge over the Fosse Way, if successful it would make the cycle route to Rugby a real possibility.

Date of next Cycle Forum meeting- 8th Oct.

Emscote Road cycle route – Planning to discuss our proposals w/c 15th July, and possibly organise another ride along the road on Saturday 20th



Hampton Magna

Email about a planned development of 147 dwellings on the edge of this village, but with no cycle provision outside of the development. Normally in a development of 100 dwellings or more, the developer is obliged to contribute to infrastructure improvements. In this case, the Planning Inspector had ruled that the developer was not liable to provide a cycle link to the Hampton Road as the highway authority, WCC had not decided on how to provide for cyclists along the Hampton road. Will write to Cllr Davies to investigate.

K2L – WCC have located a suitable bridge, for a long term temporary basis, i.e. it could be moved at some future date, it all sounds a bit strange since many pedestrian/cycle bridges could be up lifted if required. However, from it does seem that there is more of a focus in WCC to secure the necessary funding and complete the cycle route.


Number of signatures so far has now exceeded 1100. Having discussed the idea of the petition with John Holland, he suggested that we also campaigned to get some Tory councillors on board.  Members who are co-ordinating the petition have organised a meeting 19th July with Joyous Creative, the people who did our new roll up banners. The meeting is to get some thoughts on an A5 flyer that can be sent to councillors, and to also put it on display in cycle shop windows.  Plus the idea of hi-vis vests with K2L and its route on the back.

Date of next meeting 14th August 2019





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