Cycleways’ AGM 13th November 2019 at the Fat Pug

Review of the past year

Oerview of the past year via the large screen on the wall, key points:

K2L with the emphasis on the team work to take the campaign to the Council meeting at Shire Hall- a lot of good feedback from councillors present. Over 3000 signatures in the petition. WCC will decide 14th Nov.

Warwick School, a 2 phase signal crossing has now been installed on the shared use path along the Banbury Road, at what was a most intimidating crossing, but why not a single phase crossing?

Peace Festival – another good year, in spite of the rain, over 1000 signatures collected for the K2L campaign. Also a good use of the new display material.

Emscote Road- plans for segregated protected cycle lanes, each side of the road, to provide a Super Cycle Highway. These were presented to WCC in June and will be followed up at the next Cycle Forum meeting.

Coventry Road, Warwick- WCC propose a shared use path on the western side of this road, but no adequate provision for crossing the side roads- don’t have the budget. This route has the potential to provide a link from the Woodloes area to the station and to the Warwick to Leamington cycle route, so it is worth getting it right. Have offered to see what raised tables for the crossings would cost.

Stratford Road cycle route into Warwick – an off road shared path link from the Stratford, via Shakespeare Avenue, to the Hampton Road is proposed. However, one problem relating to the proposed route in front of the Grand Stand, is the lack of lighting for the winter evenings.

Social media – Facebook and the K2L Twitter account continue to attract use- review at the December meeting.


By means of the big screen, the current Treasurer took us through the accounts highlighting some of the key points. The two figures, £280 and £783, relate to what was left over from a WDC cycle training grant from 9 years ago. The future of this can be discussed at our next meeting in December.

Current figures from the accounts show 74 members.

Current Treasurer would like to stand down as treasurer, many thanks for his work from all those present.

Another member offered to take on the job of Treasurer.

It was agreed by all present that the Cycleways’ subscription should be increased to £10 per annum, but to be ratified at the December meeting.

A chartered accountant has agreed to continue to verify our accounts, for 2019-2020

Election of Officers

Proposed Seconded

Chairman-Tony James Rodney

Treasurer- Bev Rodney Tony

Secretary- Rodney Sandra Peter

Newsletter Editor- Sandra Tony Rodney

Membership Secretary- Marie Tony Sandra

The election of officers concluded the AGM, leaving the remaining of the evening to the guest speaker, a civil engineer and transport planner, who gave an excellent presentation of the key travel patterns in Leamington, and how substitution by the sustainable modes could be started with a focus on schools.

Good examples from London illustrated what was possible.

Labour Town Councillor outlined the cross party work currently being undertaken to address the problem of air pollution from traffic, and this very much illustrates that to tackle the problems of air pollution and climate change requires a political initiative.

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