The Cycleways Committee

Welcome to the Cycleways Committee page, where you can get to know the dedicated individuals who drive positive change for cycling in Kenilworth, Leamington, Warwick, and the surrounding areas. Our committee is composed of passionate volunteers who share a common goal: to create safe, accessible, and enjoyable cycling infrastructure for our community. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, each committee member brings valuable insights and a deep commitment to promoting sustainable transportation and enhancing the cycling experience. Together, we work tirelessly to advocate for cycling-friendly policies, organize engaging events, and collaborate with local stakeholders to build a vibrant cycling community. Learn more about our committee members below and discover the driving force behind Cycleways’ mission to transform our region into a haven for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

Susan Rasmussen


Tony Lewenz

Vice Chair

Rodney King


Marie O’Riley

Campaign Co-ordinator and Membership Secretary

Sandra Stokes

Newsletter Co-ordinator

Bev Stevens