Cycleways meeting 5th June 2019, at the Royal Pug, Leamington Spa

The purpose of the meeting was to put together ideas to launch the K2L campaign, and to review our plans for the Peace Festival, 15th & 16th June.

K2L launch plans

K2L coordinator.

Agreed to take on the job.

Web site – Currently there is already a K2L [site] set up some years ago, and […]

No meeting Wednesday 12 June 2019!

The meeting was on Wednesday 5 June 2019, at 19:30.

Cycleways’ meeting 8th May 2019, at the Fat Pug

Eco-Fest 5th May, Pump Room Gardens, an excellent presentation using pictures to illustrate the new Cycleways’ publicity material, plus written up notes on the event, all providing some good ideas for the Peace Festival in June, which we could discuss in more detail at a Peace Festival planning meeting nearer the time, suggested date 5th […]

Next meeting: Wednesday 8 May 2019

We hold friendly informal meetings on the second Wednesday of every month, usually upstairs at The Fat Pug, Guys Cliffe Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5BZ.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 8 May 2019, at 19:30.

Minutes for April 2019 Cycleways Meeting

10th April 2019 – Fat Pug, Leamington Spa


Report from the quarterly Warwickshire Cycle Forum Meeting – 9th April Cllr Holland raised the issue of cyclists riding on the pavement which can turn people against cyclists. The new cycle link connecting Warwick Racecourse, Hampton Street and Hampton Road will not be signposted by Warwick […]