Next meeting: Wednesday 9 May 2018

Wednesday 9 May 2018 at 19.30, upstairs at The Fat Pug, Guys Cliffe Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5BZ.

Minutes of Cycleways meeting at the Fat Pug 11th April 2018

Priory Rd cycle route in Warwick. The agreed route with WCC was for an up- hill shared use path, with an on road down- hill route, but that is not what has been delivered. Instead, there is no access to it from the bottom of Priory Rd, thus no uphill route, but curiously there is a cycle route finish sign, just below Yeomanry Close, with a drop kerb and signed for cyclists to leave the path and return to the road. However, such a sign makes no sense since down -hill was always to be on road. Will find out more at the Cycle Forum meeting 17th April.

The Lib/Dem/Green motion for WCC to prepare a budget for cycling for the forthcoming year, was amended by the Tories to consider. Will circulate the WCC committee report.

Peace Festival 16-17th June. Agreement on the new flag, and to go for 2 sided at £85 + vat. Suggested theme for this year- Air quality, the WCC motion, and, if possible, a copy of the draft WCC map of proposed cycle routes for the Warwick District to have on display,.

Cubbington to Leamington cycle route, in the absence of a member, we decided to put any discussion on hold.

Newsletter (Peace Festival version) Will do an article on the WCC motion, an article on the Eco Fun Day, and one on bike security, and possible local rides.

A46 Link Road proposal. Agreed for report to go to Cllr Gifford.

Warwick District Cycle Forum, items for the meeting next Tuesday, 16th.

Warwick-Hampton Street route via the Racecourse stand. Really positive response from the Race course, so now up to WCC to take it on. To discuss at Cycle Forum

Warwick – Ansell way, the possible route alongside the railway. Has lodged an interest on our behalf with Network Rail and will follow that up. To also pursue through the Cycle Forum.

Cycle route to Warwick Parkway via Budbrook Trading Estate. The current footpath beneath the A46 needs widening to shared use. This requires permission from Highways England. To follow up through the Cycle Forum.

K2L Need to find out how the £8.5 million from HST2 is to be spent.

Europa Way. Good news about an on road, but separated 2 way cycle route. Need to know details of how it will link into the current cycle facilities on the Old Warwick Road.

 Cycle signage. Cllr Gifford and one other, possibly Cllr Davies, will use their discretionary grant to fund proper route signs.


Mentioned that WCC are looking at a dock-less cycle scheme for the new estates west of Europa Way, principally for commuting to/from Leamington station. When ideas have been firmed up, the guy at WCC could give a talk on this at a Cycleways meeting.

Kenilworth Alltogether Green Group. Has arranged to attend their next meeting 22nd May. Hopefully we could recruit a new contact (s) in Kenilworth from this.

Date of next meeting – 9th May

Minutes of Cycleways Monthly Meeting at the Fat Pug – 14th March 2018

Priory Road Infrastructure Changes

Much work appears to have been completed.  Will contact Warwickshire County Council to ask about its plans to enable cyclists to navigate through the existing traffic systems once they have reached either end of Priory Road.


Access to Warwick Parkway Railway Station from Warwick

Will contact Warwickshire County Council to ask about the progress of the conversion of the footpath between Budbrook Industrial Estate and the station into a cycle route.


Warwick Racecourse/Hampton Street

The Jockey Club, the General Manager of Warwick Racecourse and the Chief Executive of Warwick District Council, support the extension of the current racecourse cycle route south-westwards on to Hampton Street.  The work will involve the replacement of woodchip with ‘fibresand’ on the route in front of the grandstand.  The project awaits the confirmation of funding as well as the approval of the British Horseracing Board.  Other details to be confirmed concern the installation of CCTV and the design of the access gates.


Cubbington to Leamington town centre route proposal

Will contact Councillor Sarah Boad to suggest how sections of his proposed cycle route could be implemented ti improve cycle safety and convenience along residential service roads adjacent to main roads.


Peace Festival

To enquire about the cost of a new ‘feather’ flag which includes the new Cycleways logo.  Ideally a new flag would fit the existing flag pole to reduce costs.  The flag could also be used at Cycleways stall at Pump Rooms at the Eco Fun Day on 29th April 2018.




ECO Fun Day (Sunday 29th April 2018)

Cycleways needs volunteers to staff its stall.  It will be open from 11.00 am until 4.00 pm.


Green/Lid Dem motion to be proposed at full County Council meeting of 20th March

Cllr Jonathan Chilvers (Green) and Jenny Fradgley (LibDem) will propose, “That the Council requests that Cabinet develops a strategic, costed three year (2019-2022) cycling plan that supports a network of safe, accessible and direct routes that link places people need to get to, including a prioritised programme of works and setting out the funding implications for the County Council so that this can be considered as part of the 2019-2020 budget refresh of the medium term financial plan.”

Supporters of local cycling provision are asked to congregate at the front of Shire Hall, Warwick between 8.30am and 9am on Tuesday 20th March to try and catch members of the majority Conservative group before they go into their 9am meetings.


Peace Festival

It was suggested that three themes be promoted at the Cycleways stand at the festival on 16th/17th June:  improving air quality; extending the local cycle network; increasing public spending per head on cycling.


Forthcoming editions of the newsletter

The next edition will be distributed electronically.  The columnar format will be changed to make it easier to read on screen.  The following edition will return to paper again so that it can be distributed at the Peace Festival.  The newsletter editor asks for ideas for the next editions.  Please email  Possible topics could include cycle security, Stage 3 of the Ovo Energy Women’s Tour race which ends at Leamington on 15th June, changes to Priory Road/Butts and proposals to improve cycling infrastructure between Cubbington and Leamington town centre.


Schools Cycle Training

Arranging for the funding of cycle training for children attending Lillington Primary School.


Next meeting

Wednesday 11th April 2018 at the Fat Pug, 23 Guy’s Cliffe Rd, Leamington Spa CV32 5BZ.

Next meeting: Wednesday 11 April 2018

Wednesday 11 April 2018 at 19.30, upstairs at The Fat Pug, Guys Cliffe Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5BZ.

Cycleways meeting 14th February 2018 at the Fat Pug: Minutes

Outcomes of the Warwick Cycle Forum meeting:

Hampton Street Warwick – converting the public footpath that runs in front of the Racecourse stand to shared use, we have written to the Racecourse and WCC Cycling Officer will sort out the details of the gate at the western end of the path, and deal with signs.

Warwick – Ansell Way, Needs WCC to get permission for access from Network Rail

Warwick TC – Priory Road work nearing completion

Warwick PW station – converting the existing footpath to shared use beneath the A46, needs permission from Highways England, WCC to action

K2L – WCC received £8m from HS2 Community Fund, the opportunity to fund K2L

Europa Way – an on-road 2 way cycle lane, separated by a physical barrier is to be provided along the western side of Europa Way, but details of access at the northern end need clarification, should be dealt with at the next Cycle Forum

ASDA and the crossing of side roads – to be dealt with at the next Cycle Forum meeting

Cubbington into Leamington cycle route – Meeting with CC Nicola Davies to look at improvements from Lillington, will see how Cubbington could be included

Membership cards- stock finished, to organise replenishing.

Guys Cliffe Rd junction with Warwick Place concern expressed over feeling of safety when turning in off Warwick Place coming from the easterly direction. To contact CC Bill Gifford.

Myton Road cycle route- should be completed late Spring this year

Peace Festival- Agreed that we should get a flag with our new logo

Cycle Network Development Plan To get a couple of copies for the Peace Festival