Cycleways’ meeting 12th December 2018 at the Fat Pug Summary of Minutes

K2L : Asked what progress was being made by WCC. Advised that at the next Cycle Forum, 7th Jan, would ask for an up- date on the WCC’s expression of intent to HS2 Ltd for the funding of stage 1, Leamington to the Bericote roundabout, just south of the Chesford Bridge.

HS2 Had written to our MP Matt Western concerning reports in the cycling press that HS2 Ltd were not working to the standards originally agreed in the provision of cycle routes related to the HS2 project. Had received today a copy of a letter from the Under Secretary of State to Matt Western that these reports were incorrect and that HS2 Ltd were firmly committed to the originally agreed standards.

Cycle connections to/from the housing developments west of Europa Way:

Took us through the slides of this development that were shown by WCC at the Cycleways’ meeting in November. A number of significant points were raised by those present:

Europa Way A452, is to be made into a dual carriageway, with a dedicated  2 – way cycle lane along the western side from the Gallows Hill junction to just short of the roundabout leading up to the Leamington retail Park. There was concern that cyclists would be dazzled by on-coming vehicle lights, the preferred and better option is a cycle lane each side of the dual carriageway.

There is no evidence that the extra lanes of the dual carriageway are dedicated for High Occupancy Vehicle, HOVs, and buses, as stated by WCC, as set out in their policy strategy:

Warwick District Local Plan – Transport Proposals in Key Corridors, January 2015

  1. The A452 Europa Way Sustainable Spine Corridor

Increased highway capacity along the route from the M40 J14 to Europa Way/Myton Road roundabout offering the opportunity for dedicated bus lanes and for the investigation of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to be introduced along this route

Other features that require further explanation:

Access in and out of the Leamington Retail Park needs clarity, also is there a gap between Debenhams and Sainsburys?

There is no access shown for cyclists/pedestrians into Warwick Technology Park

The cycle link into the exiting Myton cycle path for access towards Leamington station and destinations into the town is seriously inadequate. The Myton path suffers from acute congestion from Myton School students, while the route relies on a footbridge with two blind junctions, and a very narrow path under the A452 bridge over the canal.

A cycle route is shown crossing Myton School playing fields, is this correct? A path using school land is likely to be closed off outside of school hours.

The Asps and developments south of Gallow Hills.

A 500 place car park for Park and Ride is being provided adjacent to the road depot at Greys Mallory. From this a high frequency bus service to Warwick and to Leamington will be provided.

Currently there are no plans of cycle route connections to this area of development available for comment, yet.

Copies of the slides illustrating the above development proposals are attached to these minutes.

For those members who have a specific interest in this area of development it is worth registering for up – dates on the WCC web site.

To write to Stephen Rumble WCC planning officer dealing with the above developments.


A draft of an up dated brochure was shown via the big screen, approval from all present. A copy will be sent out to members for their thoughts and comments.

The draft brochure was put together by a media business, Joyous Creative, who produced the new Leamington Society brochure and event material for Art in the Park.

Joyous Creative felt that Cycleways would benefit from the use of social media, such as Facebook, as a means of accessing the wider public, a view that was strongly supported by those present. On the subject of media and the public, it seemed a suitable opportunity to ask Joyous Creative to look at our potential displays for the Peace Festival, again, strong support from all present.

Next meeting: Wednesday 12 December 2018

The next meeting is on Wednesday 14 November 2018 at 19.30, upstairs at The Fat Pug, Guys Cliffe Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5BZ.


A review of the presentation by the 3 WCC transport planners at the November meeting, and to consider what could be relevant for the Peace Festival 2019.

The presentation by the WCC looked at 3 areas of cycle development:

  1. Housing developments to the west ofEuropa Way
  2. Warwick Town Centre
  3. Warwick to Leamington cycle route via the Emscote Road

It would be useful to hear members’ views of what is proposed for the Europa Way area, and to then make those views known to our County Councillors.

Suggest the same exercise with the Warwick TC proposals at our next meeting 9th Jan.

At our meeting 13th Feb, put together a cycle plan for Warwick to Leamington

Date of next Cycle Forum meeting


Cycleways’ AGM at the Fat Pug 14th November 2018

Chairman’s Address 2018

This year has one of ups and downs.  It didn’t start on a good note when the WCC showed plans to  create a roundabout at the Stoneleigh Junction of A46.  Initially there were no cycle facilities at all.   After some feedback they did include some shared use cycle paths around one side of the  roundabout.  Cyclists and pedestrians would then need to take their lives in their hands to try and  cross the slip roads entering and exitting the A46. They then had the gall to claim that they had  improved the junction by providing cycling facilities when the junction is currently fairly safe for  cyclists with all the slip roads on give ways.  After more feedback they finally added signal controlled  crossings for the slip roads.  This is better, but it is disappointing (but typical) that provision for  cyclists is not included at the start of the project as a matter of course.  The end result in his case is  tolerable, but not particularly direct and  will involve waiting for crossings to change.  With a budget  of over £20 million you would think that a little more spending would allow a dedicated cycle bridge    allowing a direct and continuous journey by bicycle.

The Stoneleigh Junction scheme is symptomatic of the County Council’s view that cycling is not  central to policy and a solution many current problems such as congestion, air pollution and general  lack of exercise, but rather something they have put up with the least amount of effort.  Hopefully  this is changing.  The Greens and Lib-Dems presented a motion to try to get the council to guarantee  funding for cycling.  The motion was not accepted as presented, but a motion was passed promising  to encourage cycling and to look at providing funding.  A small step forward perhaps?

As the year went we saw the completion or near completion of a couple of useful schemes filling  breaks in existing routes.  The extension of the Myton Road scheme beyond the Charter Bridge to  the Banbury Road now allows the link to the Gallows Hill and Warwick Technology Park. Another  scheme is the Hampton road and the racecourse in Warwick where after some negotiation the  Canter Down has been resurfaced and a short  stretch of cycle lane on Hampton Road fill in another  bit of the Aylesford to  Woodloes route.  

There were other developments that may not have made sense such as the cycle route on Priory  Road in Warwick with no proper way to get to it and out of it. However this is a work in progress and  later phases should address these problems.   

We have been sitting on the Cycle Forum which is the way WCC ‘consult’  the public.  The  attendance has not been very good, but it is good that we have had two County Councillors who are  both supportive of cycling, Cllr. Bill Gifford and Cllr John Holland.  The Cycle Forum has provided us  with some information on upcoming schemes including the developments along Europa way  

At our stall at the Peace Festival we had a lot of interest in what we do and what schemes are  coming along. and of course provided lots of information about where to cycle.  We were promoting  the dangers of air pollution, particularly particulates and the benefits of cycling.  It seem most  people have got the message, but still many see cycling as a leisure activity rather than a practical  means of transport. However, it still shows there is plenty of interest in cycling which we need to  build on.  

We have had a fund from the North Leamington to train children cycling.  It has proved surprisingly  difficult to spend this money, but we have managed to provide Lillington School with a funds to pay  for cycling training.


Treasurer’s Report – copies were distributed to all those present, andapproved unanimously.

 Election of Officers:

  • Chairman re-elected.
  • Secretary re-elected.
  • Treasurer/Membership Secretary re-elected
  • Newsletter Editor re-elected

The AGM was followed by presentations by three WCC officers of proposals for Warwick, and the developments west of Europa Way, south of Leamington. For a cycle route between Warwick and Leamington along the Emscote Road to the junction with Prince’s Drive, Cycleways has been given a “blanksheet of paper” and asked to put forward their ideas, based on user experience.

Next meeting: Wednesday 14 November 2018

The next meeting is our AGM.  All welcome.

Wednesday 14 November 2018 at 19.30, upstairs at The Fat Pug, Guys Cliffe Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5BZ.

Cycleways meeting at the Fat Pug 10th October 2018

Newsletter: It was agreed that the bar chart for the accounts, and the item on Cycling on pavements could be made clearer. Sorting this with the aim of getting the final draft, for distribution, by the end of this week.

Cycle Parking within Warwick District- will respond to the enquiry from WDC.

WDC Air Quality and Planning proposal by WDC – had sent out a copy of his 3rd draft to all, today, comments to him by the end of the week, please. A doctor  highlighted the weakness of the proposal in not recognising the danger of particulates outside of AQMAs, since high concentrations can occur in queuing traffic, and of particular concern is outside of schools.

Cycle Training – the Royal Leamington Spa Cycle Club have been given a grant by the North Leamington Community Forum to enable them to expand their cycle training for young people, drawn from Lillington and Sydenham.

Invite to Stephen Rumble and Margaret Smith to outline the provision of cycling along Europa Way and in Warwick Town, suggested after our AGM, to organise.

Cycleways’ brochure – There was broad agreement to up-grade the brochure along the lines of the new Leamington Society one. Will investigate costs. It was suggested that we make use of the £270 left over from the original cycle training fund.

Northumberland Road – The reason for the build outs from Beverly Rd is to provide drivers with clearer sight lines, not obstructed by the trees, exiting on to Northumberland Rd. Most cyclists seem happy with the arrangement.

Visit by Cllr Kristie Naomi had to be cancelled at the last minute due to a WDC requirement over running.

Cycle Forum meeting 9th Oct report

Hampton Street and route via the Racecourse stand,-WCC have extended the shared use path along Hampton St, but a new gate to access the Racecourse path, lighting and signing are still needed.

A46 access path to Warwick Parkway – WCCwill seek permission from Highways England and also see if they could pay for it out, apparently they have a cycle fund.

Cycle route signage – The Lib/Dem councillors plus Cllr Chilvers have all agreed to fund the signage out of their Delegated Funds, now waiting for WCC to agree on the routes.

Myton Rd extension from the Toucan X to the Banbury Rd. South side on road cycle lane, north side shared use path. National Grid representative thinks it is all good.



Following our letter 30th August to Cllr Gifford highlighting the potential of HS2 funding, WCC have agreed to apply to HS2 with an expression of interest. This would be to fund the section of route from Leamington to the Bericote roundabout, the junction just prior to the Chesford Bridge.