Next meeting: Wednesday 11 March 2020

We hold friendly informal meetings on the second Wednesday of every month, usually upstairs at The Fat Pug, Guys Cliffe Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5BZ.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 11th March 2020, at 19:30.

Cycleways’ meeting 12th February 2020

Eco-Fest 31st May, Promoted by WDC

Gazebo – suggested that we bought a 3mx3m one for £290, which was agreed. Insurance, will check on this with Cycling UK (). Initial thoughts on a cycle ride, up to Newbold Common and back via the canal tow path, will require a leader and two at the rear, with hi-vis vests. Any other ideas on a route?

Web site

Outlined some useful notes from an ex web page designer who had met to identify ways of improving on our existing site. Suggests that we use a WIX platform (cost around £220 pa), and that the running of the site is shared by say four of us. We could also offer advertising space to bike shops/cafes to help fund the site. The web site group to agree and implement the proposals.

Peace Festival

Certificate of insurance required, as for Eco-Fest. Theme Air Quality linked into work being done with the Air Quality group.

Other events

Leamington Town Assembly, Monday 6th April, Town Hall, “Clean Air for Leamington”, all are welcome

International Women Day Monday 9th March Sydni Centre, “Clean Air”

Warwickshire Pride event in August


Articles by 1st March, please

Warwickshire Heritage and Culture Society

Meets at Shire Hall, had highlighted to them the contribution that cycling and sustainable modes of transport can play in preserving our heritage.


Proposal by the Town Council to place an iron bicycle at the clock tower to commemorate the original builder of the modern bicycle.

Abbey Fields consultation of cycle access is being undertaken with the result expected 20/21

Commented on the demonstration of electric pods at the Unv, but such a scheme is a distraction to the real transport needs. Reported that a new head of transport planning has been appointed.

Marketing and promotion.

Have been in touch with Coventry Unv with the idea of providing Cycleways as a case study to develop some ideas on how to market it. Also, highlighted the use of pop-up posters outside schools to warn motorists. Useful having some thoughts and inputs on promotion.

Cycle Forum report back from the meeting 14th Jan

Unfortunately some of the items on the attached list were not discussed:

  • Warwick Racecourse
  • Hampton Road
  • Sydenham cycle path

Of the others:

  • Coventry Road cycle route, looking at other possibilities.
  • Tachbrook Road/Heathcote Road junction, although the required Toucan crossing was omitted when the Tachbrook Road cycle route was built, back in 2008, WCC highways still say that nothing can be done until new section 106 money becomes available.
  • Emscote Road – WCC have sent our scheme to Sustrans for comment. We submitted the scheme 7 months ago.
  • K2L – The focus is on getting the route details resolved, possibly this Autumn, before any discussions can take place on the route into Leamington or connecting in to the Greenway and on to Warwick Unv.
  • Crossing of side roads by an off road cycle path. No satisfactory answer given. Here it would be is worth referring to the WCC Cabinet Report on Cycling Infrastructure, 11/10/18, item 3, which states, the West Midlands Cycling Design Guidance is recognised…….complemented by ongoing best practice research…….to delivering high quality, innovative and effective cycling schemes.

The views of those present at the meeting very much reiterated the views expressed by the public at the Air Quality Summit held at Leamington Town Hall last December. WCC highways are content to discuss but show little serious inclination to get to grips with the issues.

Next meeting 11th March




















Next meeting: Wednesday 12th February 2020

The next meeting is on Wednesday 12th February 2020, at 19:30, at The Fat Pug (any two house Burgers for £15!).

Cycleways’ meeting 8th January 2020 Minutes


Looked at potential routes from the Rocky Lane crossing of the A46 to Warwick University, The ideas from this stimulated a useful discussion, the principle point being an essential need for an early public consultation, both in Leamington and Kenilworth, the latter who have already produced a cycle plan for the town. Following our meeting last December, we wrote to Cllr Bill Gifford about the public interest in a consultation at an early stage, and he has already acknowledged that he will raise this with WCC.

Eco-Fest 31st May

Agreed that we would attend, using our existing gazebo, .although it is showing signs of age. Will investigate the cost of a replacement. Cost of attending the event is £30, but if an activity is provided, then free. Suggested that we provide an organised bike ride, as in 2018. Insurance, Will check with Cycling UK on our current policy. The event will require 2 people, a number volunteered, so please confirm.

New Web site

One of the members who help set up the existing site took us through it and dealt with the numerous questions. Overall, the view seemed to be that we could squeeze more out of our existing site, including Twitter and Facebook. Whilst funding for a new site shouldn’t present a problem, we have located £1000, then there is the North Leamington Community Forum Fund, plus a new WCC community fund supported by Severn Trent, making it not so much a problem of capital costs, but one of recurrent maintenance. So, a working group will draw up a plan of what to change on the existing site, and we will advertise through the Newsletter for someone to manage the site for us.

Cycle Forum 14th Jan

Have a list of items to be discussed, including the problem with the safety audit of the section of cycle path at the Warwick Race Course.

Coventry Road Warwick

The current proposal of a converted footpath down the Coventry Road is seen as a poor option. Have looked at the proposal and highlighted some possible improvements. The view by those present is that what is being proposed would just join the existing list of poor quality and under used cycle routes.

The Dept for Transport strongly recommend that making the highway fit for cycling should be the first choice in any provision, so this option should also be put alongside the off road pavement conversion, to enable a proper assessment to be made. Has of offered to attend the Cycle Forum on the 14th.


Useful to include a photo of the Extinction Rebellion Ride 14th Dec. Please send any items by 13th Jan.


A note of thanks to the member who hosted the meeting after the last-minute double booking of our usual venue, much appreciated by all.

Next meeting: Wednesday 8 January 2020 – BUT NOT AT THE FAT PUG!

We hold friendly informal meetings on the second Wednesday (usually) of every month, usually upstairs at The Fat Pug, Guys Cliffe Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5BZ.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 8th January 2020, at 19:30.