Morrisons’ Development

The development around the new Morrisons supermarket (at the Old Warwick Road/Myton Road roundabout, see map below) has provided shared-use pedestrian/cycle paths, which is good for some cyclists, but it has also removed some on-road cycle lanes which were part of a fast cycle route between Leamington and Warwick.

Cycleways commented on the development with mixed success, for example the road crossings have cattle-pens on the islands which makes it difficult to get through on a bike with a trailer.  On the other hand we ensured that the bus shelter outside the supermarket is up against the road with the pedestrian/cycle path running behind it, so people on bikes don’t have to thread their way through people waiting for the bus. There are still some challenges and hazards for cyclists, which we are campaigning to improve for cycle practicality and safety.

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Here is a plan of the new shared pedestrian/cycle paths around the development.  Our thoughts are:

  • It would have been better to keep all of the on-road cycle lanes.
  • Morrisons-cycle-lane

    The existing cycle lane, and how we’d like to see it continue (drawn in blue).

    East (Leamington) bound outside Morrisons, a cycle lane all the way to the advanced stop lines at the traffic lights would decrease the likelihood of people on bikes going straight-ahead being cut up by cars turning left into the supermarket.

  • The pedestrian/cycle path down the eastern side of Princes Drive is nice, until it narrows to about 1 metre wide to go under the railway viaduct.

Let us know if you have anything to add or want to get involved!