Next meeting: Wednesday 13 December

The next meeting is :

Wednesday 13 December at 19.30, upstairs at The Fat Pug, Guys Cliffe Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5BZ.

Next meeting: Wednesday 8 November 2017

The next meeting is our AGM:

Wednesday 8 November at 19.30, upstairs at The Fat Pug, Guys Cliffe Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5BZ.

Minutes of Cycleways’ meeting 13th September 2017

Cycle Forum Meeting

  • Cycle Network Development Plan is progressing.
  • K2L – WCC are looking for funding.  They are building a new business case which will be ready in 2 weeks. It should be much stronger than the previous one.

Discussion took place on the role of developers in constructing cycle routes. There is a requirement for a joined-up approach particularly where there are sites with different developers located adjacent to each other. This can lead to inconsistencies where guidelines may have been interpreted differently and gaps in continuity of the route. We highlighted the high number of side roads on Tachbrook Park Drive and where cycles should be treated as a priority. Reference was made to the Government Cycling and walking and investment strategy. ActionTo be discussed with developers.  The developers use a set of WCC guidelines.  We stated that the guidelines are quite old and probably out of date. 

  • A number of Warwick Town Centre proposals had been approved e.g. 20 mph speed limit in Jury Street, 30 mph Birmingham Road and the Priory Road scheme have been approved.
  • Warwick Town Council – there was to be a future public meeting (Q and A session) ay 7.30 p.m. on 25th September at Warwick Town Council Office.
  • Abbey Fields – no new progress.
  • Race Course-The jockey club have objected to the proposals that run in the front of the Grandstand, current proposal is to use the canter track (which is unpaved) and we mentioned that this was despite the restrictions that would apply i.e. no use on race days, opening hours between 7am and 7 pm.
  • LEP (Local Enterprise Plan). – Some funds have been made available for Europa Way and improvement of the Ford Roundabout (probably for increasing traffic flow, not cycling provision).
  • Gallows Hill – plan to include shared use path. KHS to Warwick – Discussion of the entrance on to Banbury Road.
  • Stanks Island – Autumn plan to be made to mirror “Thickthorn’ round about scheme.
  • Myton Road – Aim to complete the route to the Technology Park. There has been discussion concerning the location of a refuge by a big tree – we asked ‘why not move the refuge’.
  • Signage-Warwickshire County Council have produced a document that covers the proposals. The document was too big to circulate. The proposals have been split into routes. The total cost was around £70,000 if all the proposals were implemented and hence a ‘route by route’ basis was being used.
  • Ansell Way (Arch proposal). –They have not looked at the proposal in depth. It is likely that Network Rail would need to be involved.


Bath Street

A member had concerns about Bath Street as individuals were cycling on the pavement which was not a cycle route and the pavement was not wide enough to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.  They need a cycle lane on either side in the road.

Cycling on pavements

Aked the committee if they felt Cycleways should publicise that ‘adults cycling dangerously on pavements’ is forbidden.  There was discussion as to whether the Police should do more to enforce the regulations or to make it clear. Cycling provision on all highways would be good (hence individuals would not resort to using pavements).  Neighbourhood Watch were a good resource as they were supported by the Police. Local Community Forums were suggested as a means of raising the subject of local cycling provision.

Action – List of upcoming Local Community Forums to be provided, so members can attend them and ask for better policing of adults cycling dangerously on pavements, and also for more/better on-road cycle lanes to be provided so adults have no excuse.



A46 Stoneleigh Junction proposals

Whilst progress had recently been made in relation to this following on from the meeting with the council regarding the consultations (on 1st September).

  • The number of lanes reduced from 3 to 2 on entry and on the gyratory.
  • Off-road cycle/pedestrian paths on both side
  • Signal controlled crossing or toucan on all 4 arms

However the proposals showed a ‘lack of ambition’.

Phase 1 – Link Road / Stoneleigh Junction.

Phase 2 covers Dalehouse Lane- widening and extending Kenilworth Green.

Ran through the scenarios of a cyclist approaching the junction using the off-road cycle/pedestrian route.  Pointed out that a cyclist would have to make a 90 degree (LH) turn to stay on the cycle route and then another turn on the NW side.  It was agreed that in the other direction it was worse due to the turn lane/filter lane (likely to have high speed traffic flowing across the lane) making it difficult for cyclists going straight on.

It was agreed that when they make changes to Dalehouse Lane – there will less traffic in the vicinity of the roundabout.

Suggested the use of sensors to detect a cyclist approaching the lights.

Explained that the scheme overall would make it difficult to access the countryside on other side of A46.   It would be good to find out the cost of a bridge crossing for cyclists.

Action – Scheme needs to be reviewed further.  For example – find out the cost of a bridge.

It would be good to get more people engaged with the project.



The Autumn edition had been drafted in outline only.  Notification of the AGM is to be included.

Action – To provide the Accounts for approval and two pie charts of income and expenditure.

No suggestions received for a speaker for the AGM so it was agreed that the Cycle quiz should form part of the meeting. Action -To provide quiz (to recycle quiz not used in 2016).

A book list had been produced previously of cycle related material, as there was likely to be no room for this to be published in the next edition. Action -Place the books on the Cycleways Facebook site.



Committee Members

Current Chair is to stand down as Chairman of Cycleways as they have held the post for four years.   Will still take an active part in Cycleways.  Another memeber offered to stand as Chairman, this proposal was welcomed at the meeting and will be discussed at the AGM.  Nominations are to be sought as Secretary.   Not all committee members were present at the meeting.



Any Other Business

Brunswick Street Enquiry.

We received an enquiry regarding Brunswick Street, Leamington.  It has been repaved and has speed humps.  The enquiry concerned whether the speed humps could be made more cycle friendly.  The officer contacted by stated that in the particular location they had ‘had job to fix the road surface,’ so it was unlikely that changes could be made in this location.


Leisure Cycle Routes

Action -To circulate for comments.



Next meeting…11th October 2017 at The Pug.

Next meeting: Tuesday 17 October 2017

The next meeting is:

Tuesday 17 October 2017 at 19.30, upstairs at The Fat Pug, Guys Cliffe Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5BZ.

It was Wednesday 11 October, but the meeting room was double-booked.

Summary of Minutes of Cycleways’ meeting 9th August at the Fat Pug

Tachbrook Park Drive. Follow up from June meeting. The road will form part of a cycle route but due to its narrow width this will necessitate an off road shared path each side. However, the road has many side roads, mainly to industrial sites. Our concern is the need to make the crossing of such side roads feel “safe”. WCC record on the subject is not good. Will raise the issue at the next Cycle Forum meeting.

Cycle parking: At the last Cycle Forum meeting had asked for suggestions on sites. Ideas from members, lower part of Parade, north side of All Saints Church, more outside of Tesco (I believe that the current ones were installed by Tesco, but there is space to move them a bit closer), ensure that the new planned car park that will replace the Covent Garden one has good quality cycle parking, and with CCTV. Also cycle parking in Warwick Street alongside and under the canopy of the old Co-oP building. There is a need for more provision of under-cover parking. Worth re-looking at Warwick particularly under the Town Centre proposals.

A46 Stoneleigh junction proposals.

With the aid of his video cam pictures, took us through what it is like cycling across the bridge towards Gibbet Hill. With the good sight lines across junctions it is practical for the experienced and confident cyclists. Then we examined what WCC propose to do, which is to widen the bridge/build a new one alongside, to create space to provide a gyratory system to improve the flow of traffic, but with no provision for cyclists of pedestrians, in spite of saying so in their literature.

What should be provided is a separate cycle pedestrian bridge on the north side coupled with Toucan crossings to enable cyclists to return to the correct side of the road, depending on which direction that they are travelling. There is also the planned Kings Hill housing development on the NW side of the junction. That should provide considerable CIL monies.

After some discussion we agreed on a course of action. Would write up a summary  from which we will extract the key features to produce a briefing note to send out to Councillors. We shouldn’t overlook WCC’s own policy paper Healthy Travel in Warwickshire, in which the Transport, Planning and Communities Group are specifically mentioned as partners. As the Paper notes, “potential to improve the local economy across Warwickshire, as well as save millions of pounds for the economy by improving health and thus reducing associated health costs”. None of this is mentioned in the “benefits” of the scheme.

In addition to targeting Councillors, we should include John Linnane, Chief Medical officer for Warwickshire Public Health, and also Stoneleigh Parish Council. Stoneleigh is likely to see a big increase of traffic through its village. Suggested contacting the Chair of the PC.

Offered to put together a list of Councillors to target. Also consider sending to the Clerk to the County Council asking for the briefing note to be circulated to Councillors.

Also circulate the Briefing Note to our members, asking them to write to their Councillor.


Raised the issue of people cycling on the pavement in Bath Street. It was agreed that this was a law enforcement issue and suggested that, as a first step, should contact a local councillor for action.

Date of next Cycle Forum meeting 12th Sept.

Date of next Cycleways meeting 13th Sept.